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A celebration of timeless style
The Atlante wall panelling, entirely made of wood, reflects a modern kitchen concept, inspired by bold shapes and unusual combinations of materials, in which classic and contemporary styles blend together to create new compositional solutions.

This boiserie system, developed in collaboration with makethatstudio, accentuates the beauty of wood, combined with a focus on natural materials and functionality. In fact, the inner spaces are fully equipped and have plenty of room for appliances or pantry compartments.

Atlante embodies a creative concept that can be adapted to meet all needs and to fit into all rooms of the home, such as the living room or even other rooms, which match each other according to a shared aesthetic.

The central Archetipo island, with customisable finishes, complements the kitchen, incorporating solutions that are very useful when cooking, such as the sink and hob, drawers and closed compartments, and the large worktop, which can be extended and used as a snack top.