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an ethical and sophisticated choice
European wood: quality guarantee of the raw material

For over twenty-five years, L’Ottocento kitchens and furniture have celebrated all-Italian craftsmanship, combining elegance and functionality. Fine wood and its warmth are at the heart of every creation, hallmarked by timeless style and quality.

Wood, an environmentally sustainable resource. In line with the L’Ottocento company ethics, most of the wood used for its furniture production is only sourced from areas subject to controlled reforestation, such as that in Europe, promoting innovative criteria of environmental compatibility.

The durability of wood
Only wood, either solid or blockboard, is used in L’Ottocento’s production process. Unlike chipboard, commonly known as “particle board”, the fine raw material preserves its properties of strength and solidity over the years. Chipboard is heavier and so leads to the wear of hinges and joints. It can also be easily scratched or scored. Chipboard, a composite of wood particles and not supported by the longitudinal fibre, unlike wood, is not resistant to weight and thus tends to sag over time. Another virtue of wood is its return to its original state even after it has absorbed water. When chipboard gets wet, it becomes deformed.